Tasks (summer 2024)

Keep in mind the essence of integrating modularity into the solution of each task.
Each task has been assigned its Taskmanager responsible for successful implementation.
Each piece of code needs to be distributed using Git (GitHub).
Each task has clear documentation enabling further development of the project (Wiki at GitHub).

Tasks for Meteo Team

Mandatory tasks [100 points]:

  1. composing water-resistant and safe sensor equipment for the VESNA meteo device [30 points total]
    • choose appropriate sensors and electronic parts [6 points]
    • connect them to an MCU (Microcontroller Unit) [12 points]
    • program it to process the measurements [12 points]
  2. designing and constructing a water-resistant body for the VESNA meteo device [30 points total]
    • fully editable and scalable 3D model in Fusion 360 [18 points]
    • 3D print and assemble all parts [12 points]
  3. integration of VESNA meteo device – API [30 points total]
    • set up the device on an IoT cloud service [10 points]
    • program the MCU to send measurements to the cloud service [20 points]
  4. elaborate documentation [10 points]

Tasks for Smart Team

Mandatory tasks [100 points]:

  1. development of an autonomous data-management system [30 points total]
    (Hint: think of: What are the relevant data? How to get data? How to store data? etc.)
    • design the structure of the real-time data collection [15 points]
    • code the data-management system [15 points]
  2. data-driven identification of the system behavior [30 points total]
    (Hint: think of the mutual relation between the system inputs and outputs. For example temperature vs heater, temperature vs fan, temperature vs light intensity, etc.)
    • measure step responses of various variables [20 points]
    • evaluate the system models in the form of transfer functions [10 points]
  3. design of the closed-loop control [30 points total]
    (Hint: think of: Which input has the most significant impact on the control variables? What kind of controller would be suitable for controlling this controlled variable? etc.)
    • code the feedback control for selected manipulated and controlled variables [20 points]
    • tune the simple PID controllers for each loop [10 points]
  4. elaborate documentation [10 points]