Scheduling (summer 2024)

The project agenda is scheduled for a semester (13 weeks). The students are recommended to strictly follow the suggested schedule.

Week 1

Kick-off project meeting
realized on: February 15, 2024

Week 1-2

  • Brainstorming on project goals 
  • Headhunting for each team
  • Brainstorming on task management and time-management
  • Survey on particular tasks
  • Build project route map

Week 2

Initial stand-up (presentations of each team) [5 points]
realized on: February 22, 2024

  • Present project route map
  • Propose task management for each task – milestones and goals
  • Propose time management for each task
  • Assign roles in each team
  • Assign Taskmanager for each task

Week 3-8

  • Solving tasks
  • Consultations with supervisors

Week 8

Mid-term project meeting (presentations of each team) [5 points]
expected on: early April 2024

  • Present milestones and goals for each task
  • Present remaining tasks
  • Present updated time management for each task 
  • Discuss corrections to the original plan
    (particular goals and/or time management)

Week 9-13

  • Implement feedback from the Mid-term project meeting
  • Solving tasks
  • Consultations with supervisors

Week 13

Final project presentations of each team [5 points]
expected on: mid-May, 2024

  • Present final results for each task