Specifications – VESNA 2022

Following are the hardware specifications of particular parts:

Electronic Platform (control unit)

  • Custom-male electronic platform based on ESP32-WROOM-32D-16.


  • temperature (at the bottom and top): 2x waterproof DS18b20
  • temperature and humidity at the middle: Si7021, SCD30
  • ambient temperature and humidity: Si7021
  • carbon dioxide (CO2): SCD30
  • temperature measurement (heater device): 2x waterproof DS18b20
  • non-contact liquid presence sensors (water tank, humidiser): 3x XKC-Y25-NPN
  • magnetic door sensor: MC-38
  • light intensity sensor: photoresistor
  • ultrasonic distance sensor (water tank): JSN-SR04T


  • illumination: ViparSpectra XS1000 120W
    • 252 pcs of Samsung LED LM301B
    • WARM WHITE LED 3000K,
    • WHITE LED 5000K,
    • Far Red LED 660nm,
    • IR LED 730nm.
  • top fans: 2x HA40101V4-1000U-A99
  • side fans: 2x ARCTIC P12 PWM PST RGB
  • valves: 3x VZWD-L-M22C-M-G18-20-V-1P4-15
  • fan (inside heater): 12 VDC, 40x40x28 mm
  • heating resistors: 2x GBR-618-12-20-2
  • mistmaker, 24 VDC
  • blowing fan: 5 VDC