Smart Eco Approach

VESNA project merges two essential principles of modern and sustainable food production—smart technologies and ecological approaches—into a unique ecosystem consisting of the greenhouse device itself, an effective communication interface, and advanced supervision driven by shared expert knowledge.
We consider terms smart and eco in the following way:

VESNA is Smart

VESNA implements the advanced control approaches to:

  • introduce advanced self-awareness into the autonomous decision making,
  • minimize the energy consumption necessary for heating/cooling and lighting,
  • introduce the effective communication with autonomous control unit and remote control,
  • support integration of external information and expert knowledge,
  • optimize the energy utilization necessary to run the control unit, etc.

VESNA is Eco

VESNA supports essential principles of organic farming to:

  • eliminate the necessity of application of pesticides by keeping the pests out of the system,
  • minimize the utilization of fresh water resources,
  • minimize the energy consumption associated with heating/cooling and lighting,
  • optimize the balance of environmental conditions,
  • reduces the carbon footprint emissions associated with product transportation by placing the device close to the final consumers,
  • support setup for vertical farming, etc.