Next generation of Smart Eco Greenhouse developed by open-minded young researchers and students.


Global climate changes significantly speeds up the progress in sustainable production. Recent challenges, including increasing global warming, reduction of carbon footprint, and limited resources of freshwater, enforce implementation of smart solutions.
The goal of the project VESNA (an acronym for Versatile Simulator for Near-zero Emissions Agriculture) is to design a smart eco greenhouse introducing recent technologies enabling smart, ecologic, and effective organic farming into modern food production, see Smart Eco Approach.

Education Goals

Project VESNA aims for upskilling students and young researchers, see the detailed list of Education goals. Therefore, the students and young researchers are an integral part of the research and development of the project VESNA. From 2021, the project VESNA takes part in the student Project on process control.


We gratefully acknowledge the Humusoft company for the hardware support of project VESNA that enables us to improve the development of the novel construction of the smart greenhouse VESNA.
(August 2022)

We gratefully acknowledge the Tatra Bank Foundation (Nadácia Tatra banky) for supporting our grant application: Construction of a Smart Eco Greenhouse VESNA. We are proud that our grant application was among 12% of supported projects.
(November 2021)

If you consider supporting project VESNA, feel free to contact us.

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